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1. Computers: A group of interconnected (via cable and/or wireless) computers and peripherals that is capable of sharing software and hardware resources between many users. The Internet is a global network of networks. See also local area network and wide area network.
2. Communications: A system that enables users of telephones or data communications lines to exchange information over long distances by connecting with each other through a system of routers, servers, switches, and the like.

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The protocols of various network devices all must conform to one such standard, so that communication between them is possible. This interconnection of computers, phones, and so on provides a base on which a user can request data from another user.
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The people at the party were trying to network, no one knew each other but were all trying to expand their brands.
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There is a large network of nerves throughout the human body that are connected in order to allow the human body to function correctly and efficiently as it does.
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Networking in the Corporate Ranks
"Remember that the person is not the company. When interacting with people, keep in mind their title and size of company. Try to work your way up the org chart and talk to the decision makers who actually have the ability to do the deal you want them to do."
- Tom Murcko
Metcalfe's Law Explained
"Metcalfe's Law: The cost of a network increases in proportion to the number of nodes, but the value of a network increases in proportion to the square of the number of nodes."
- Robert Metcalfe