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1.Computers: A group of interconnected (via cable and/or wireless) computers and peripherals that is capable of sharing software and hardware resources between many users. The Internet is a global network of networks. See also local area network and wide area network.
2.Communications: A system that enables users of telephones or data communications lines to exchange information over long distances by connecting with each other through a system of routers, servers, switches, and the like.

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  • The people at the party were trying to network, no one new each other but were all trying to expand their brands.

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  • The protocols of various network devices all must conform to one such standard, so that communication between them is possible. This interconnection of computers, phones, and so on provides a base on which a user can request data from another user.

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  • There is a large network of nerves throughout the human body that are connected in order to allow the human body to function correctly and efficiently as it does.

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