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1. Communication: Anything that interferes with, slows down, or reduces the clarity or accuracy of a communication. Thus, superfluous data or words in a message are noise because they detract from its meaning.
2. Quality control: Variability that may be caused by changes in the ambient conditions, faulty machine performance, or uneven quality of the material or human factor inputs.
3. Telecommunications: Random disturbance introduced into a communication signal, caused by circuit components, electromagnetic interference, or weather conditions. Also called line noise.

Use 'noise' in a Sentence

The man was awaken at night from his sleep by a strange loud thumping noise outside of his window that sounded like a growl.
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Sometimes when things are really hectic the last thing you want around you is any noise so find a quiet place to concentrate.
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When a person encounters noise while transcribing a video, it makes it very hard to hear and decipher what the person is saying, sometimes the transcriber has to mark [inaudible] because there is just too much background noise to discern, clearly, what the dictator is saying..
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