non-recourse financing

Definitions (5)
Popular Terms
1. Agricultural financing: Where a lender cannot claim loan amount from a borrower in the event the crop pledged as collateral fails or is insufficient for full repayment. Such loans are usually guaranteed under a government scheme.
2. Dealer financing: Where the liability of a dealer is limited to guaranteeing the genuineness of a document (such as a vehicle's title). The dealer is not liable to the lender if the buyer fails to pay the loan.
3. Export financing: Where an exporter is paid against an export invoice, but is not liable for the amount's repayment if the importer fails to pay.
4. Factoring: Where a factor assumes the risk of non-payment by any debtor.
5. Project financing: Where the only source of repayment of the project loan is the project's cash flow, and the collateral securing the loan, if any.

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