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1. Statistics: Standardization of data obtained from different sources at different periods, through peer review or comparison against the objectives of data collection.
2. Database programming: Process of reducing a complex data structure into its simplest and most stable form by eliminating redundant attributes, keys, and relationships.
3. Metallurgy: Treatment process in which a metal is heated to a particular temperature (800°C to 900°C for steels) and then cooled in a particular manner to relieve internal stresses, refine the grain size, and improve the mechanical properties.

Use 'normalization' in a Sentence

After a hectic week with lots of surprises and things out of the ordinary, a person must readjust and try to go back to normalization.
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The boys went through a normalization process in therapy where they would discuss their behaviors with each other, in order to feel the same.
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When trying to find out what your product might do in the future break down the normalization and try to adjust.
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