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1. General: Striving (as far as possible or practicable) to reduce or eliminate biases, prejudices, or subjective evaluations by relying on verifiable data.
2. Accounting: Accountant's reliance on verifiable evidence (such as delivery notes, invoices, orders, physical counts, paper or electronic trail) in the measurement of financial results. Objectivity makes it possible to compare financial statements of different firms with an assurance of reliability and uniformity. Also called objective principle. See also accounting concepts.

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Susan prided herself on her objectivity when disputes occurred in the family and she made a point of never showing favoritism to any one of her kids in particular.
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The judge had to recuse herself from the case due to her lack of objectivity since the defendant was her brother which presented a conflict of interest.
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He tried to use objectivity when dealing with his sister's estate but his emotions would overwhelm him whenever he thought of her untimely demise.
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