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1. General: Person who holds an office of authority, command, or trust.
2. Corporate (UK): Person who acts in an official capacity on behalf of a firm, such as a company secretary, director, executive, manager, or other individual authorized to so act.
3. Corporate (USA): Person appointed by the board of directors of a firm, such as a president, CEO, vice president, etc., to manage the day-to-day business of the firm and to carry out the policies set down by the board.

Use 'officer' in a Sentence

I told the officer that I did not see the thief and he still did not let me leave because he thought I was lying.
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On Monday the board of directors met to discuss the CEO's bonus and the salaries of the newly elected officers.
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The officer turned on his lights and enabled his siren on his police cruiser as he witnessed a man in the car in front of him swerving from left to right.
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