offset printing

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Most common commercial printing technology in which the image to be printed is photographically transferred to a metal or plastic printing plate which is wetted by water. The image portion of the plate repels water but picks up oil-based ink from a roller, and the non-image areas retain water but repel the ink. The inked image is then transferred first to a sheet of rubber or plastic (called a 'blanket') which transfers it to the paper. The objective of this double transfer it to avoid the printing plate's contact with paper (and thus reduce its wear) which has a rougher surface than the blanket.

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The offset printing by the printer was required to be used to generate the outcome of the project we desired.
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If you need to get something out fast you should use offset printing to create it as fast as you possibly can.
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The new equipment at that printing shop is excellent and has that professional quality to it now that they can utilize offset printing techniques.
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