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1. Accounting: Accountant's or auditor's judgment on financial or operative facts regarding an organization.
2. Law: (1) Attorney's written advice to a client on a particular question (called legal opinion, opinion of counsel, or opinion letter). (2) Judge's written explanation of a judgment in a lawsuit (called judicial opinion). Where a bench consists of three or more judges, a concurring opinion agrees with the majority opinion, and a dissenting opinion disagrees.

Use 'opinion' in a Sentence

Her opinion on the issue of Same Sex marriages differed from mine and it resulted in a heated debate over lunch hour.
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When writing an informative paper, it is not advised to include opinion anywhere in the text, as readers can be confused by the facts versus opinions.
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In my honest opinion, I think that the budget for this month will work just fine for next month also.
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Notable Quotable

Humble Yourself and Listen to Other Opinions
"Iíve been fooled many times by being too impressed by executives who are articulate and have done well in the past. Iíve learned to be humble about my own opinions and rely more on the opinions of people who arenít biased and have known the management personally or professionally for a long time."
- Ed Wachenheim
One Perspective on Opinions
"It is amazing what an accurate picture of the relative points of strength and weaknesses of each company in an industry can be obtained from a representative cross section of the opinions of those who in one way or another are concerned with any particular company."
- Philip Fisher