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Earning scholarships and grants allows many low-income students the opportunity to attend colleges they might not have been able to afford.
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I create an opportunity every day with my enthusiasm for life as I do not just wait for circumstances to be ideal.
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Kate was excited to be given the opportunity to work at the large engineering company, as she had been looking for a well-funded research position.
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Where Opportunities Exist
"Opportunities arise from a wide variety of circumstances: change, chaos, confusion, inconsistencies, ambiguity, uncertainty, etc. When looking for the next big thing, focus your search on these areas and you're more likely to find recently created opportunities that others haven't discovered yet."
- Tom Murcko
The Optimist's Perspective Versus the Pessimist's
"The optimist sees opportunity in every danger; the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity."
- Winston Churchill

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