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1. Similar or pertaining to an organism (in the sense of an open-system) with clear and functional internal structure and a predictable life cycle of birth, growth, decay, and death.
2. Natural or synthesized (see synthesis) compounds containing carbon. Natural organic compounds are found in all living systems, and in natural products such as coal, oil, sugars, wood (water is an inorganic compound). Synthesized organic compounds are manufactured products such as calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate, urea. Inorganic compounds (such as metals) are obtained usually from mineral sources. In scientific terms, no clear line divides organic and inorganic chemistry.

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Whole foods is the mecca of organic and locally sources produce, however it can be quite expensive which often leads people to call it "whole paycheck" in jest.
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The new cosmetics line is 100% organic, meaning produced entirely from naturally occurring ingredients, with no synthetic chemicals or dyes added.
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There are only two stores in my city where I can find the organic bananas that I like to use to make smoothies.
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