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1. Fabric density: Expressed as ounces per square yard (oz/yd2), it equals 33.90 grams per square meter (gsm). It is also expressed as ounces per linear yard for a particular width: for a fabric with 60 inch width, one ounce per linear yard equals 31 grams per linear meter.
2. Weight: One-sixteenth of a pound or about 28.35 grams. Also called avoirdupois ounce, it equals 0.91 troy ounce.
3. Volume: See also fluid ounce.

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When my potates came out to weigh 37 ounces I was very surprised, I realized I probably had more than enough potates for dinner tonight.
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You would not even feel an ounce of pain if you tried it because it felt really good and not at all like you were getting a tooth yanked out.
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Mustering every ounce of his being, 9-year-old Joseph Kennedy decided to tell the teacher that he wet his pants and needed to be excused to go home and change his clothes.
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