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1. The amount of energy, work, goods, or services produced by a machine, factory, company, or an individual in a period.
2. Computing: A result produced by a computer that is internal to the system (from one program or process to another) or external to it (from a program or process to an output device) but internal to an output device (modem, monitor, printer, etc.).
3. Contracting: The desired result from a project or contractor.

Use 'output' in a Sentence

When trying to decide which worker deserves a raise or promotion go with the one who has given you the biggest output.
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We prefer to measure our output on a daily level to best understand our business' production, efficiency, and long term profitability.
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The company's output rates had been falling steadily ever since they began trying to cut hours from their staff; they did not have enough workers to keep up.
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