over the counter (OTC) market

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1. UK: No OTC market on the pattern of the US exists but unlisted securities are traded on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE).
2. US: OTC securities trading system in which brokers or dealers (called market makers) negotiate over telephone or computerized networks instead of through a stock exchange. Trading rules for this market are established and enforced by the National Association Of Securities Dealers. In dollar terms, it is the largest securities market in the US. Also called outside market or third market. See also NASDAQ.

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It was habit for the stock broker to make weekly calls for some of his more adventurous clients that felt that trading unlisted securities via the over the counter market was a good way to diversify their portfolio and suss out opportunities unavailable to them In the US, or elsewhere.
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I did not realize that it was an over the counter market and it was a lot easier to buy stiff than I thought.
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You should try and make sure your product has a place in the over the counter market so that you can get additional sales.
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