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1. Processes (such as cleaning, drying, preserving) and materials (such as glass, metal, paper or paperboard, plastic) employed to contain, handle, protect, and/or transport an article. Role of packaging is broadening and may include functions such as to attract attention, assist in promotion, provide machine identification (barcodes, etc.), impart essential or additional information, and help in utilization. See also packing.
2. Practice of combining several related goods or services into a single offer. See also bundling.

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The packaging for the SDHC card included a protective plastic box four more inches long and five more wide than the product itself, with little value added by this excess.
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The packaging used was carefully selected by our research and development team of lab scientists who fully understood the chemicals involved.
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You should make sure that your product has good packaging so that when people see it in the store it is appealing.
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