par value

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Apparent worth or the nominal value shown on the principal ('face' or 'head') side of a bill of exchange, currency, security (stock/share, bond), or other type of financial instrument. The par value of a loan stock (bond, preferred stock/preference share) is the value at which it will be redeemed. Some jurisdictions allow shares to be issued with no par value (see no par value share). Par value is typically different from the market price. If the market price is higher than the par value, the difference is called a 'premium;' if it is lower, the difference is called a 'discount.' Also called face value, nominal value, or redemption value.

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When you cash in your stocks tomorrow, the par value will be listed underneath �Market Value� on line 27 of your voucher.
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When a product has failed and you still have some supply left you should try to get as close to par value as you can.
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When trying to assess how much you can charge for something knowing the par value helps to determine the profits you can make.
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