Definable, measurable, and constant or variable characteristic, dimension, property, or value, selected from a set of data (or population) because it is considered essential to understanding a situation (or in solving a problem). Not to be confused with a perimeter, which sets the external boundary of a situation but does not help in assessing it, and a statistic is a measure of a sample and not that of a population.

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  • In order to successfully complete the work order, it is important to understand the parameters that the client is expecting in the product: number of words, quality of images, size of files.

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  • The most important parameter of the user base was age, as that was most likely to correlate to the users purchasing decisions, as opposed to gender or location.

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  • The parameters of the science experiment to test the reaction caused by lighting hydrogen with a match were clearly laid out so that the results would be accurate and quantifiable.

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