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1.Leadership style in which a male leader uses his power to control, protect, punish, and reward in return for obedience and loyalty from his employees, followers, or subordinates.
2.Acting like a father towards those who are not one's children to promote their well being, or protect them from harm. As a behavior pattern it may or may not be justified under the circumstances, and may be a violation of a moral rule of conduct when it limits an adult's right for self-determination.
3.Government policy or practice of using laws or other interventionist devices (such as high taxes on alcohol and tobacco, minimum age requirements for drinking, driving, gambling, and requirement of medical prescription for habit-forming or narcotic drugs) to save its citizens from self-inflicted harm or uncaring, unscrupulous traders. State paternalism (specially when implemented in a heavy handed manner) routinely raises the idea of conflict between government's legitimate purpose of ensuring its citizens' well being and the citizens' legitimate right to personal liberty and self-determination.

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