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Picture element. Smallest square element of an image (mistakenly called 'dot') that can be turned on (illuminated) or off (darkened) on a computer monitor. Detail (resolution) of an image depends on the number of pixels a monitor can show: VGA monitors display 640 x 480 (307,200) pixels per inch (PPI), SVGA monitors display 1,073 x 768 (786,432) PPI, and newer monitors can display 1,000 x 1,000 (one million) or more PPI. The number of colors that a monitor can display, however, depends on how much memory is assigned to each pixel. Two-bit memory pixels can show eight colors whereas eight-bit pixels can show 256.
See also dot pitch.

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The high number of pixels on the new television screen gave the image so much more depth and clarity than what was available on last-year's model.
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This new monitor is a piece of junk because half of the pixels are not working when I turn it on.
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Upon the arrival of her new computer monitor, the woman noticed their was a defective pixel in the right corner of her screen.
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