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Website that serves as a gateway or a main entry point ('cyber door') on the internet to a specific field-of-interest or an industry. A portal provides at least four essential services: (1) search engine(s), (2) email, (3) links to other related sites, and (4) personalized content. It may also provide facilities such as chat, members list, free downloads, etc. Portals such as AOL, MSN, Netcenter, and Yahoo, earn their revenue from membership fees and/or by selling advertising space on their webpages. Also called portal site or web portal.

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I recently joined an adult basketball league, but was unaware that I needed a username and password until I landed on the league websites portal.
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The educational website served as a portal to other educational resources not limited to online games, printable worksheets, and even full lesson plans for teachers.
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When starting a business it is important to have a very good home page that will be used as a portal to all that you offer.
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