Dominion over, and exclusive control and use of, a material object or property resulting from the fact of holding it (whether rightly or wrongly) in one's power. Possession is said to be the "nine-tenths of the law" and is a prima facie evidence of ownership-good against any other claim, except that of the legal owner. It may mature into legal ownership due to passage of time, as in adverse possession.

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  • I found your hat after we left the basketball court. I can return it to you tomorrow, I have it in my possession.

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  • While going through my Grandma's things, after her death, my niece informed us she had her Waterford crystal in her possession.

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  • Superstitions have caused much harm throughout history, perfectly illustrated by the people who thought those with high fevers, epilepsy, and other serious illnesses were in a state of possession and would perform exorcism instead of treating them

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