Formal submission or delivery of a document or negotiable instrument for the appropriate notice or action (acceptance, negotiation, payment, etc.) of the named entity. For example, a check is presented to a payee bank for payment, and (in documentary credit) collection documents are presented to a buyer for acceptance or payment. Also called presentment.

Presentation Tips


First, make sure that you believe in your message and the importance of what you are saying.

Know your topic beyond just the bullet points and be passionate about what you are going to share. Take the time to practice your presentation, rehearsing by yourself or in front of someone else.

Give your audience a roadmap

Start by telling your audience what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them. This is a great way to give a roadmap of your presentation and gain interest from the beginning, and the reinforce your message at the end with a powerful conclusion.

Use a simple design

Keep your slides simple and clean. A helpful guideline to keep in mind is the 5 x 5 rule, which means that there should be a maximum of five lines and maximum of five words per line. Your audience will lose interest if there is too much text on the screen.

Communicate effectively

Speak loudly, slowly and clearly to the entire room. Try to make eye contact with individuals as you give your presentation. Know your material so that you aren't reading off of your notes and can prove that you understand your message. Most importantly, relax and be confident!

Use presentation in a sentence

  • After researching their specific topic, the students organized their information, graphs, and pictures, in order to prepare for their presentation to the class.

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  • After the presentation of the cost analysis assessment documents to the client, they were hesitant to agree to the transaction, as it would be a considerably large investment.

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  • At the presentation in the meeting room next to the cafeteria three proposals for improvements in the telecommunications and internet connections were voted on by the management and submitted for a vote.

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