prime number

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Whole number large than 1 that can be divided by only 1 and itself without leaving a factor or fraction, such as 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 ... etc. Every natural number is either a prime or can be expressed as a multiple of a prime. All primes except the number 2 are odd numbers, because all other even numbers are multiples of 2.

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Despite trying without success for several minutes to divide the number eleven by the number six into a whole number, the dim-witted accountant did not realize that eleven is a prime number.
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I only like prime numbers for when I bet at the casino, it's a weird tic of mine but I can't help it and sometimes I actually win some money to buy groceries.
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Dividing eleven by any number other than one or eleven will result in a fraction because it is a prime number.
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