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Assessment or prediction (in the sense of a best educated guess) of the future course of the development, outcome, or progress of a condition or phenomenon, based on a careful diagnosis of the case. It is an attempt to anticipate probable consequences, and the price of their effects in terms of money, disruption, discomfort, pain, etc. Search for an effective remedy is futile without an effective prognosis.

Use 'prognosis' in a Sentence

The doctor provided the patient with a good prognosis, stating the foot would likely heal on its own without complications.
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After visiting the doctor about my sore knee from the ski trip, he gave me the expected prognosis that I tore a ligament when I fell on the ski slope.
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Jane was given a positive prognosis the day before she was due to leave the hospital, however she was still very worried because the prognosis was in no way guaranteed.
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