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1. Planning: Process of moving forward in time through imagining of future events, or estimates based on certain assumptions or past trends.
2. Psychology: Tendency to attribute one's undesirable ideas, feelings, and motives to others.

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To try and see where your business may go it is important to make an accurate projection about future profits.
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My mom kept accusing me of acting a certain way and being a certain way and I wondered if she was resorting to psychological projection in order to make it seem as though these accusations were not about herself.
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Using the financial data from previous years, the company president made a projection of the profits for for the coming year.
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What are your financial projections?
"You can't lead if you don't have a destination. Two critical milestones: 1) the point where more cash is coming into the business than going out in a given period, and 2) the point at which you finally recuperate your cumulative initial investment (including an adjustment for the time value of money). Financial projections should be reasonable. Paint too rosy a picture and seasoned investors will run; more to the point, you might run out of cash."
- Brett Nelson

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