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1.General: Evidence that establishes existence or truth (or non-existence or untruth) of a fact to the satisfaction of an authority (such as a court) or according to the accepted standards.
2.Alcohol: US measure of the volume of alcohol (ethanol) in an alcohol-water mixture, expressed as 'degree proof' (° proof). One degree proof equals one-half of a percentage. Thus, '80 proof' means 40 percent alcohol, and '200° proof' means 100 percent alcohol.
3.Law: Evidence on which the determination of the judgment of a court case is based. Unlike a mathematical-proof (based on logical evidence) or scientific proof (based on empirical evidence), a legal proof is based on the credibility of a document or witness.
4.Printing: Test sheets of a page or print job taken out at each stage a document passes through during the printing process. Page-proofs are sent to the client or author to check (called proof reading) for any errors in spelling or punctuation; and color proofs are meant to ensure that the final print matches an artwork or sample. A corrected or approved proof is a type of contract under which the client is responsible for any errors undetected in the signed proof, and the printer is responsible for errors that are pointed out but not corrected, or for errors that occur after customer's OK.

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