quality assurance (QA)

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Often used interchangeably with quality control (QC), it is a wider concept that covers all policies and systematic activities implemented within a quality system. QA frameworks include (1) determination of adequate technical requirement of inputs and outputs, (2) certification and rating of suppliers, (3) testing of procured material for its conformance to established quality, performance, safety, and reliability standards, (4) proper receipt, storage, and issue of material, (5) audit of the process quality, (6) evaluation of the process to establish required corrective response, and (7) audit of the final output for conformance to (a) technical (b) reliability, (c) maintainability, and (d) performance requirements.

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The business had a quality assurance policy, so customers would not worry about buying a defective product that would cost them time and money.
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After the government found high levels of cadmium in ELC energy drinks, the company decided to spend more money on quality assurance so they wouldn�t get put out of business.
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At Global Corp., one can tell the employees have quality assurance on their mind as we observe them carefully inspecting the developing products to makes sure they are meeting any specific requirements.
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