quality of life

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Daily living enhanced by wholesome food and clean air and water, enjoyment of unfettered open spaces and bodies of water, conservation of wildlife and natural resources, security from crime, and protection from radiation and toxic substances. It may also be used as a measure of the energy and power a person is endowed with that enable him or her to enjoy life and prevail over life's challenges irrespective of the handicaps he or she may have.

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By exercising daily and eating healthy foods, you will stay healthy, which in turn, will give you a better quality of life.
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Barbara's inconsiderate neighbors were really starting to affect our quality of life, so she decided she'd be better off giving in and moving away instead of staying there on principle and being miserable.
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I enjoyed a higher quality of life once I cut out unnecessary expenses in my life, this translated into a happier and more productive self in the office as well.
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