quasi contract

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Court's determination of an obligation of one party to another where no actual contract exists. It is based on the parties' conduct, mutual relationship, and/or on the possibility that one would be unjustly enriched at the expense of the other. In strict legal terms a quasi contract does not constitute a formal contract, but is a legal remedy that allows a plaintiff to recover an award or benefit conferred on the defendant.

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You should always try to present a good case if you are trying to prove that someone else has entered into a quasi contract.
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Given the fact that the two men spent hours negotiating the terms of the agreement, shook hands as a sign of the agreement, and followed the agreement for two years before any breach arose, the judge determined that their agreement qualified as a quasi contract.
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It was a quasi contract and not an actual one, but the man would still be liable and would have to honor it the same.
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