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1. Marketing: Percentage of total potential audience who choose a particular media vehicle over another. (1) In broadcast media, it is the number of households with their radio/TV sets tuned to a particular station/channel or program for a specified length of time divided by the total number of households that have radio/TV. (2) In print media, ratings are computed using survey data about actual readership instead of the basin them on the circulation of a newspaper or magazine.
2. Securities trading: Ranking of debt securities (bonds, debentures, notes) by bond rating agencies on the basis of the issuer's financial stability, earnings record, creditworthiness, etc.
See also bond ratings.

Use 'rating' in a Sentence

You should strive to have a great customer satisfaction rating so that people will know you put out a quality product.
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You always want your business to have a high of a rating as possible so that everyone will know how good your product is.
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They received a very low rating from the people that attended their show, because they did not like their movie.
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