real gross domestic product (real GDP)

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An economic assessment that involves quantifying the inflation adjusted market value of goods and services produced by an economic system during a given time. A business might use the real gross domestic product (real GDP) of a nation to indicate the standard of living within that country that can help them determine whether or not their products will be successful.

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Before deciding which of two possible overseas markets they should potentially expand their business interests in, the panel decided to reexamine the real gross domestic product assessments their company's analysts had presented, in to make the best possible decision.
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Starting up business most know what real gross domestic product does for there company,or the there bottom line in how profitable they may be in any given year. If they calculate this information incorrectly they could cause there company to go under by not selling there product for the correct amount. If they are way under or over they can harm there business by being to expensive or to cheap to make a profit.
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I had to figure out what the real gross domestic product would be, cause it was essential to my role as manager.
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