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1. Remembrance of what has been heard, seen, or otherwise experienced, such as that of an advertisement, commercial, or demonstration. See also recall test.
2. Removal or withdrawal of a contaminated or defective good from sale by its manufacturer or producer, either voluntarily or when forced by a watchdog agency. Sometimes a good (such as a motor vehicle) is recalled after it has been sold, for rectification, exchange, or refund.

Use 'recall' in a Sentence

When the policemen showed up, Marion tried hard to recall exactly what had happened, but her memory was giving her trouble.
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After he lost his car keys, Ken tried backtracking in order to jog his memory, but he still couldn't recall where he left them.
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I was confused with the example problem that was on the board, so my professor told me to recall the examples that were on the board the day before.
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