Use 'receipt' in a Sentence

I always save my receipts in case the IRS would like to audit my business, I feel smart for doing this.
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After the cashier rang up all the purchases and we paid, she handed me the receipt which I went over carefully to make sure I was charged correctly for all the items.
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Be sure to hold on to your receipts, especially those related to business expenses, as when tax time comes you may be able to write some of it off.
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Keep Receipts if You Itemize Your Deductions
"Keep all of your receipts and keep a good record of all of your expenses as they occur. If you do, you will be less likely to skip or miss out on allowable tax deductions and tax credits and it will make your life easier when you file taxes. Lastly, you will also be better prepared in the unlikely event that you get audited."
- Siam Luu