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1. Usually standup social event with food and beverages, arranged to welcome one or more special guests or a newly married couple.
2. Room or area where guests or visitors (1) present and identify themselves or are received, (2) register to stay in a hotel.

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Arthur was surprised that such an elaborate, star-studded reception had been arranged simply because he'd beaten a $36.00 ticket for a parking meter violation, but he didn't know yet that he was dreaming.
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In telecommunications, the action of an electronic receiver, such as for radio or remote control (a good signal allows for clear reception) Television reception A formal party in the evening, such as a wedding reception, where the guests are "received" (welcomed) by the hosts and guests of honor receptionist, the initial contact in an office reception (American football), a type of play where the ball is received (caught) by a player on the thrower's team reception (school), in England, Wales and South Australia, the first year of primary school, following pre-school or nursery school reception (astrology), in astrology, where one planet is located in a sign where a second planet has astrological dignity
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He was met with a wonderful reception by the fans in his hometown when he arrived to accept his award.
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