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Individual serving as the first point of contact in an office. Receptionists are usually seated at the entrance of an office and do a variety of administrative tasks including, but not limited to, answering phones calls, making photocopies, distributing mail, signing for packages, and general office upkeep. Some companies employ a receptionist for the sole purpose of answering phones, but with the advancement of technology, digital answering services and outsourced receptionist firms are the new wave of the future.

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I did not lie the receptionist at the clinic because she was rude and she also gave me the wrong information.
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The receptionist was polite, cordial, and helpful in our communications with the firm which left us with a positive feeling about the business relationship.
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My mother, who works as a receptionist at my local high school, often complained that she had more work to do than the honors students, amidst all of the filing, copies, and messages that needed to be taken care of.
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