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1. Accounting: (1) Absorption of a cost through its allocation to an appropriate account. (2) Collection of receivables that were written off as bad debt.
2. Banking: Collection of a loan amount from a borrower in default.
3. Disaster planning: Activities or steps that are to be implemented after a disaster to return all operations and systems to their normal status.
4. Economics: Phase in an economic cycle where employment and output begin to rise to their normal levels after a recession or slump.
5. Electronic commerce: Ability of a transaction handling system to be restored to its pre-failure state after a system failure so that the processing can resume and transactions, aborted due to the failure, can be resubmitted.
6. Stock market: General rise in prices of securities after a general fall.

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The economy sputtered, slowly trying to gain ground as people's worries mounted, but economists advised patience and kept insisting a genuine recovery was just around the corner.
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Sometimes your business will go in a down swing but you will just have to wait it out until the recovery happens.
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The recovery process began with attending a twelve step program that would allow you to detox and get back to your normal state.
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