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1. Finance: To buy back debt securities (such as bonds or redeemable preferred stock/preference shares) on or before their maturity date.
2. Marketing: To exchange the advertised gifts or rewards with the required part of the promoted product (such as specially marked cap, label, or packaging) presented by a consumer.
3. Mortgage: To regain title to a mortgaged property by paying off the full due amount, before or after a foreclosure sale.

Use 'redeem' in a Sentence

After making a serious mistake, as long as it has not resulted in damage or harm to others, the person should be given a fair chance to redeem themselves
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I always got beat by my friend in this video game and he gave me a chance to redeem myself by playing a game I was good at.
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In order to redeem the points for a gift card you must make an account with a valid email and be 18 years or older.
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