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1. Finance: Repayment of bonds or other debt securities on or before their maturity date. An issuer-compelled redemption is known as 'call.'
2. Marketing: Making use of a sales promotion offer such as coupons, discounts, labels, etc., by the consumers for gifts or rewards.
3. Mortgage: Right of a mortgagor to recover mortgaged property on repayment of the full due amount resulting in a complete annulment of the lender's claim on the property. See also right of redemption.
4. Mutual funds: Return of the current market value (less fees and charges) of an investor's shares (units), usually within seven days of receiving a request for redemption from the investor.
5. Pollution control: Return of secondary or waste material (such as bottles, containers, or laser printer cartridges) to the original supplier or manufacturer for a rebate.

Use 'redemption' in a Sentence

Marcia was annoyed that the store wouldn't allow redemption of the coupon she had saved, but she ultimately blamed herself for failing to notice the expiration date.
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After she made a huge mistake with all the client files she tried to seek redemption for herself by staying late and arriving early every day for a month.
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Although Sheila had given up hope, Xavier finished the task he had failed to do the day before thus earning himself redemption.
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