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1. Marketing: Advertising intended to reassure customers (those who have already made a purchase) that they have made the right choice. Used commonly for big ticket items (boats, cars, condos), it may also include instructions on how to get the most satisfaction or value from their purchase. See also cognitive dissonance.
2. Psychology: Consequence of a behavior that increases the chance of the recurrence of the same behavior. In contrast to feedback (which is almost always external), reinforcement can be both internal (intrinsic) and external (extrinsic).

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The extensive list of new rules, served as a reinforcement of Professor Garcia's firm-standing expectations for his college arithmetic course.
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I made sure to giver her plenty of positive reinforcement when I was teaching her how to play air hockey.
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Having a good backup plan as a reinforcement can get your business out of some tough jams when you need them.
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