relational database

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Computer database in which all data is stored in Relations which (to the user) are tables with rows and columns. Each table is composed of records (called Tuples) and each record is identified by a field (attribute) containing a unique value. Every table shares at least one field with another table in 'one to one,' 'one to many,' or 'many to many' relationships. These relationships allow the database user to access the data in almost an unlimited number of ways, and to combine the tables as building blocks to create complex and very large databases. See also flat database.

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John decided to run the figures through the relational database he had created because he wanted to see how they would compare to other figures from different regional markets.
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Having a good relational database should allow you to find the things you are looking for in a quick and efficient manner.
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When you are setting up your computer systems having a relational database will allow you to find things faster when you need them.
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