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1. Environmental: Discharging, disposing, dumping, emitting, emptying, escaping, injecting, leaching, leaking, pouring, pumping, or spilling of one or more hazardous substances into the environment.
2. Legal: (1) Discharge of a property from a claim, lien, or mortgage. (2) Formal document that effects a conveyance. (3) Giving up of a claim, interest, or right. (4) Liberation of a person from custody, demand, restraint, or obligation. (5) Written statement that an obligation or requirement has been satisfied.

Use 'release' in a Sentence

When you are having a release from your industrial complex you must make sure that there are no toxic chemicals going out.
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The release experienced by the waste disposal company was quick and efficient so we will continue working with this new business partner.
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When you go to give blood, you must sign a release stating you understand the possible risks associated with giving blood and will not hold the blood donation agency at fault if something happens to you.
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