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1. Acting in place of, or standing for another party by an authorization or legal right through (1) an agent or proxy on behalf of a principal, (2) a counsel on behalf of a client, (3) an administrator or executor on behalf of a deceased, (4) an elected representative in a legislative body on behalf of the electorate in his or her constituency.
2. Presentation of facts or reasons expressed in words or inferred from conduct to induce a particular course of action, such as signing of a contract. Representation includes any condition, warranty, or undertaking, whether oral or written. A person induced into a contract on the basis of an untrue or misleading representation may sue for rescission of the contract and/or for damages.

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Even though the criminal could not afford a lawyer, one was provided to him because the Constitution ensures that everyone is given representation in court.
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When they accused me of embezzling millions of dollars from the government, I knew I needed very skilled legal representation.
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Having good representation will keep you out of a lot of trouble if you ever find yourself in front of the judge.
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