response time

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1. Computer system: (1) When applied to a complete system, the interval between a user-command and the receipt of an action, result, or feedback from the system. It is expressed as the sum of (a) transmission time of the command to the computer, (b) processing time at the CPU, (c) access time to obtain required data from a storage device, and (d) transmission time of the result back to the user. Also called time to user. (2) When applied to a system component (such as a hard drive), the time taken to react to a system request or a given input.
2. Internet: Time taken by a website server to respond to a user's or visitor's request.

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Their response time was extremely quick and it made me really appreciate their business and the people that worked there.
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I attempted to play a computer game last week but everytime I clicked on the mouse it took long to register in the game, the response time was not good.
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The response time of the help desk has always been under one hour so anytime we have a problem it is immediately solved.
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