return on investment (ROI)



The earning power of assets measured as the ratio of the net income (profit less depreciation) to the average capital employed (or equity capital) in a company or project.

Expressed usually as a percentage, return on investment is a measure of profitability that indicates whether or not a company is using its resources in an efficient manner. For example, if the long-term return on investment of a company is lower than its cost-of-capital, then the company will be better off by liquidating its assets and depositing the proceeds in a bank.

Also called rate of return, or yield.

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  • The return on investment was consistent year after year so we could not ignore those results so we promptly invested more in the company.

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  • We both wanted to have a store that everyone can shop at. That way we can purchase produce and it will not go to waste, that is a good return on investment.

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  • When thinking about if something will end up being profitable for your company you need to accurately break down the return on investment.

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