ring topology

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Network cabling scheme in which one cable sequentially connects all nodes and forms a closed loop. A data packet starting from the originating node is examined by the next active node if it is addressed to that node. If it does, it is copied, otherwise it is regenerated and passed on to the next node until it reaches back the originating node and is discarded. The ability to regenerate data packets allows a ring topology to span far greater distance than bus or star topologies. See also token ring network.

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The ring topology ensures for high quality data so employed this technique in our business to verify exact statistical analyses are utilized.
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The old ARCnet cards used BNC connectors and usually were implemented in a ring topology configuration; it's been 20 years since either have seen common usage.
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Using the state of the art ring topology system, the company's computer system was able to sort through huge volumes of data.
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