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1. General: Precautionary or counter measure available to an entity that enables it to protect itself or its interests in case of an attack, threat, or infringement of an agreement.
2. GATT/WTO: Provision that allows two types of multilateral protection to its signatories: (1) importer's right to impose temporary import restrictions to help protect its domestic industry, and (2) corresponding right of the exporter(s) that prevents imposition of arbitrary restrictions on access to a market.

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Robert Purvis once remarked that it is the safeguard of the strongest that he lives under a government which is obliged to respect the voice of the weakest.
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We decided to safeguard our position as we could not afford to take on any unnecessary risk at this point.
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The regional manager of the company made sure a safeguard was in place before allowing the new changes proposed by his assistant manager.
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