Use 'sales' in a Sentence

You need to always hope for as high of sales as you can so that the people in your workplace know you do a good job.
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Our sales were going through the roof and it made everyone happy and excited to be part of our company.
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There are arguments about the early origins of professions, the length pf time that the profession has been in existance, and they do not acknowledge another's information over their own, even when everyone knows, the oldest profession was a Sales profession of one kind or another.
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Getting Your Sales Message Across Effectively
"If your sales message is to be seen in a positive light, it has to be delivered in a manner that your prospect finds acceptable. Telemarketing is often seen as intrusive. Direct mail may be seen as *junk mail.* On the other hand, an ad in the classified section of your newspaper is accepted readily because your prospect chooses whether or not to read it. Itís also associated with a valuable service (delivery of the news.)"
- Unknown