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1. General: Formal approval or authorization.
2. International relations: Punitive or restrictive measures taken, usually by several countries in concert, to pressure a country to change its certain policies. (1) Economic sanctions ban trading with the offending country, and (2) Diplomatic sanctions result in withdrawal of relations and representations.
3. Law: Penalty or punitive action imposed for failure to comply with a court order, law, or regulation.

Use 'sanction' in a Sentence

You need to always do things the right way so that you do not get hit with any sanction that can get your business in trouble.
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My friend in Moscow is constantly complaining, because good imported cheese is impossible to get, thanks to the international trade sanctions in place against Russia.
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The driver refused to listen to the officer, as a result, a sanction for civil disobedience was applied without remorse.
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