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1. Auxiliary, explanatory, or supplemental document that forms part of a principal document, such as a list of individual items (with their descriptions and values) covered by an insurance policy, or a depreciation schedule that provides supporting details to a financial statement.
2. Timetable for a program or project showing how activities and milestone events are sequenced and phased over the allotted period.
3. Written or printed catalog or list of charges, items, prices, etc., arranged or organized in alphabetical, chronological, magnitudinal, or any other classification or order.

Use 'schedule' in a Sentence

We were right on schedule for our trip and would be arriving right when we said we would, which was at 8 o clock am.
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You should always try to adhere to a strict schedule so that you end up being in the right places at the right times.
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Try and make sure to always stay on your schedule so that you don't fall behind and need to play catch up.
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Notable Quotable

Schedule Time to Focus on the Big Picture
"For me, a big part of productivity is being agile. I like to leave a lot of blocks in my day open. On an average day, I'm only 50 percent scheduled, though occasionally it gets as high as 80 percent. That's imperative, because often something comes up out of nowhere."
- Scott Lang