secondary market

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1. Customers other than those to whom a product was originally offered. For example, tools designed and priced for professionals may also be bought by serious hobbyists.
2. Financial market where previously issued securities (such bonds, notes, shares) and financial instruments (such as bills of exchange and certificates of deposit) are bought and sold. All commodity and stock exchanges, and over-the-counter markets, serve as secondary markets which (by providing an avenue for resale) help in reducing the risk of investment and in maintaining liquidity in the financial system.
3. Alternative term for aftermarket.

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You should always try to make sure that there are people in the secondary market that may also have need for your product.
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You should be able to accurately assess the goings on in the secondary market so you can take advantage of them.
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We made a lot of our sales to the secondary market, which was funny because we did not intend for it to happen that way.
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