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Crystalline element (such as germanium or silicon) or compound (such as gallium arsenide or indium phosphide) that is between a conductor (such as a metal) and an insulator (such as glass) in its ability to conduct electric current. This ability can be selectively controlled by doping the material with an impurity (such as aluminum or boron) and/or by running another current through the material at a different axis. Semiconductors are used in making solid state electronic devices such as diodes, rectifiers, transistors, and integrated circuits (computer and memory chips).

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When working in a factory there will be a semiconductor that combines with other elements to create all the power.
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Semiconductor can be used in a wide variety of applications such as generating the movement of objects at or near the earth's surface.
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While some may think that semiconductors carry less of an electric charge they are still very capable of causing quiet a shock when they come into contact with something.
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